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Welcome to! This is the story of a fictional veterinarian in Philadelphia. Besides having access to Amanda Brown, DVM's Facebook, YouTube and Twitter pages from here, you can also contact her and creators Phil Barnes and Hillary Israeli directly at
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Amanda Brown's debut as the veterinary heroine in Generation Vet's pilot minisode.
1. Pilot
Minisode 2, Amanda's Monday lowlights in the clinic. Introduces us to Cathy, a veterinary techinician at Animal Hospital who works closely with Amanda, and Robert Jones, the on-again/off-again boyfriend haunting Amanda's personal life.
2. Not Quite Smooth as Silk
After spending too much time out with her girlfriends, Amanda realizes she forgot to call her mother and dreads the consequences. As well, she finds a bedside surprise left behind by Carpark.
3. Knew I Forgot Something
Amanda gets herself ready for another day at the office, and is about to see a familiar patient, Wondercat. ... (more info)   (less info)
4. Getting Ready
Dr. Brown sees her first patient of the day, Wondercat. He's a very big housecat who has been off his food. What could be his issue? And how will Amanda deal with Ms. Shilling, Wondercat's owner? ... (more info)   (less info)
5. Wondercat: Part 1
After completing her exam of Wondercat, Amanda has Cathy get started on treatment while focusing her attention on Ms. Schilling. Will she convince this cat owner to invest in the care her cat needs?
6. Wondercat: Part 2
Dr. Brown receives help from a generous client to help other pet owners who might have trouble paying for proper care for their pets. Later that afternoon, however, she loses her cool with a pet owner looking to receive a free consultation over the phone and sets herself up for some big trouble.
7. Big Trouble
Amanda runs into a random creepy dude (RCD) at the supermarket and can't remember her last encounter with the man. As well, Dr. Brown is confronted by her mentor, Dr. C. regarding her handling of DownLow's owner on the phone, but is interrupted by a sudden emergency requiring all hands on deck.
8. Slow Day
The day after recounting her "slow day" to her girlfriends, Amanda sees the overemotional "ferret guy" and squeezes in one last phone consultation while getting ready for her date with Robert.
9. Ready to Roll
After burying the hatchet with Mrs. Tollbrook, Amanda has a frustrating conversation with a local Fail-Mart pharmacist filling a prescription for one of her clients. Then she heads off to lunch before the afternoon appointments.
10. I'm Outta Here
Amanda finally escapes the office for a nice lunch with Robert, only to be called back for an emergency situation.
11. Lunch, Interrupted
Amanda handles a frustrating call from a pet owner and as a result, makes the decision to give an animal care on her own dime.
12. Cough it Up
It's one of those visits for Dr. Brown where things just don't seem to be going her way. Taking everything in stride, she survives to move on to the next appointment.
13. Messy, Messy, Messy
After seeing a walk-in patient, Amanda gets some bad news about Spanky Brickworth, the cat with explosive diarrhea. Now she needs to figure out what is happening before it's too late.
14. Your guess is as good as mine
Despite Dr. Brown's being intimidated by a veterinary ophthalmologist, she reaches out for a consult and some general advice.
15. The Specialist
Amanda continues to wrestle with the outcome of the Spanky Brickworth case while moving on to new cases. First appointment of the day...puppies! What could be better, right? Unless you have to have a talk with the client about responsible breeding.
16. Retirement Plan
With two days to go before Amanda's trip to Peru with AmazonCares, she sees a chow with bloody drool and deals with a massive headache from her vaccines and a persistent Robert who is excited for their upcoming date.
17. Ciao, Baby
Amanda tells the background story behind some of the photos from her trip to Peru with AmazonCares, Patrick Mahaney and Pawcurious (Jessica Vogelsang).
18. Photos from Peru
Amanda recaps her Memorial Day weekend adventures in Philadelphia and along the Jersey shore.
19. The Jersey Shore



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